Treatment Box (longform film)

Truth Initiative

"Treatment Box" won an Emmy Award in the 2019 Outsanding Special Class.

Rebekkah was prescribed opioids by her doctor at the age of 13. Over a decade later, she had the courage to make her four day detox public to help save lives. 

Update: Rebekkah recently celebrated two years of sobriety and is now working at a treatment center helping others struggling with the disease of addiction. Rebekkah continues to share her story helping to raise awareness about opioid addiction.

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Treatment Box (:60 TV)

Truth Initiative

Agency: 72andSunny, Director: Tucker Walsh, Producer: Jennifer Duffy, NYC Prodcuer: Jason Rief, DP: Tristan Nyby, Movi Operator: Soren Nielson, Camera Operators: Andy Catarisano, David Vollrath and Tucker Walsh, Editor: James Diex