Treatment Box (longform)

Truth Initiative

"Treatment Box" won an Emmy Award in the 2019 Outsanding Special Class.

Rebekkah was prescribed opioids by her doctor at the age of 13. Over a decade later, she had the courage to make her four day detox public to help save lives. 

Update: Rebekkah recently celebrated one year of sobriety and graduated from a widely respected treatment program. She wants to continue sharing her story and raising awareness about opioid addiction.

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Treatment Box (:60 TV)

Truth Initiative

Agency: 72andSunny, Director: Tucker Walsh, Producer: Jennifer Duffy, NYC Prodcuer: Jason Rief, DP: Tristan Nyby, Movi Operator: Soren Nielson, Camera Operators: Andy Catarisano, David Vollrath and Tucker Walsh, Editor: James Diex